Celesian Pikeman


Note: This listing is a preview of an upcoming miniature.

Celesian Pikemen are the most common military force throughout the Kingdom. Pikemen are recruited and trained throughout the Kingdom of Celesia and their regular duties are as a garrison and local city watch force. When needed they can be called upon by any of the Kingdom’s Knightly Orders to aid them in accomplishing their missions, as well as being called up in large numbers when the Kingdom goes to war.

Celesian Pikemen are trained with an emphasis on defence and are especially well known for fighting in close formations that allow them to form an interlocking shield wall. This training makes them excellent at holding ground against sustained attacks much moreso than for eliminating enemy units outright.

The Celesian Pikeman includes:

  • 4 part multi-pose Celesian Pikeman miniature in hand-cast resin
  • 32mm plastic base
  • Celesian Pikemen Unit Statistics Card for Kingdom & Empire
  • Custom stamped box

Note: Our resin miniature parts come ready to prime and do not need to be washed first. Also, please take extra care in trimming resin parts. These are very finely detailed miniatures and patience and care in trimming will help prevent accidentally damaging parts. We recommend trimming such that you leave some material on the edges to be removed by sandpaper or emery board to minimize the risk of accidentally damaging a part.

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