About Hardsix Gaming

We are two friends who have been playing miniature wargames against each other for over a decade. After 10+ years of playing many different systems, we began to develop strong ideas about what we liked and didn’t like in the approaches taken by other developers and what we would want to do differently in terms of rules, storytelling, art styles, and miniature design.

To realize our vision for a tabletop miniature wargame we founded Hardsix Gaming in early 2017 and began developing our first game, Kingdom & Empire. Our company name reflects our approach to game design. In order to achieve lofty goals, it is  necessary to take risks; to go all-in on a long-shot to try and achieve something you really believe in.

When we tried to come up with a name that would convey this idea, we both rapidly came to “Hard Six.” The term originates from the dice game Craps, where it describes the long-shot outcome of rolling a result of six on a pair of six-sided dice by rolling a three on each die, rather than any other combination adding to six. Starting a miniature wargame company from scratch is a high-risk / high-reward endeavor. This is particularly so when that company is dedicated to tackling the challenges of creating true-scale miniatures and highly engaging rules.

Our premier game, Kingdom & Empire, is set in a world we have been discussing and working on since 2005. When we made the decision to develop our own game, it was clear that we should adapt this fictional setting to host it. Our passion for storytelling, art design and miniature design pushes us to render the key aspects of this gaming world with extreme care and attention to detail. Our art design is specifically chosen to aid in communicating the shape of our fictional world, and our miniatures are painstakingly designed in lifelike scale and hand cast in resin to achieve outstanding quality. The world of Kingdom & Empire is rich with conflict, magical power and legendary characters and we bring them to life with no compromises.

Our rules for Kingdom & Empire are currently undergoing extensive beta testing with a closed group of beta testers. These stalwart individuals range in experience from novice to advanced. They have dedicated their time to aid us in ensuring that when Kingdom & Empire reaches the conclusion of its eventual Kickstarter, the rules will not only be highly engaging but also be a model of clarity, consistency, and attention to detail. We hope you will consider joining us in the world we have created, paint and collect our miniatures, share them with your friends and fellow gamers and occasionally roll a hard six yourself!