Contract Casting

We cast all of our own miniatures for Kingdom & Empire ourselves by hand in high quality resin. Hand-casting finely detailed resin miniatures is a labour intensive and skill intensive process, but one that allows us to achieve exceptional quality.

Our experience in managing the process of turning concept art into digital sculpts and ultimately into finely detailed resin production miniatures enables us to offer comprehensive contract casting services. Unlike many contract casting firms, we do not require physical originals. We prefer to start with digital sculpts, and can even begin the process from concept art.

Pricing for contract casting services is extremely variable depending on the size of the miniatures, the number of separate parts in the miniatures, and the volume you are interested in having produced in resin. If you are interested in inquiring about our contract casting services and obtaining a no hassle, no obligation quotation to see if our capabilities match your needs, please contact us at