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To attain the rank of Knight in one of Celesia’s Knightly Orders requires years of training and service. Celesians of noble birth who wish to become a Knight must first excel in basic training at the Celesian Military Academy before they may even apply to an order. If accepted to one of the Knightly Orders they then complete advanced training in the battle doctrines of that Order and enter active service as a Battle Squire. If they prove themselves worthy after a couple of years of active service as a Battle Squire, they may then be considered for promotion to the first rank of Knighthood; Company Knight.

To be bestowed a Knighthood in an Order in not merely a ceremonial honour automatically granted for time served; it is a recognition of the bravery, fighting skill, fortitude, and dedication of a warrior. Make no mistake; Celesian Knights are formidable fighters whose courage on the battlefield is rightly the stuff of legend.

This is especially true of the Knights of the Field, as they are the most numerous order in the Kingdom and that which has by far the most interaction with the common people of Celesia. Knights of the Field patrol the countryside and rural villages that lie between the walled cities of Celesia. This does not merely entail hunting down brigands, for the forrests and wild parts of Celesia are home to many monsterous creatures, and Dragons still occasionally hunt for food in Celesia’s lands.

In light of their need for mobility when fighting monsters and the like, Company Knights of the Knights of the Field wear armour consisting mainly of maille and reinforced leather, with smaller sections of plate to protect vital areas. It takes both courage and skill to survive encounters with these creatures, and as such, the Knights of the Field have a much higher casualty rate than the other orders. Those who survive in active service quickly gain veteran status among their companies and eventually specialize either as a Monster Hunter or as a Knight Errant.

The Company Knight includes:

  • 4 part multi-pose Company Knight miniature in resin
  • 32mm plastic base
  • Celesian Pilot Unit Statistics Card for Kingdom & Empire
  • Custom stamped box

Note: Our grey resin parts require little to no trimming, sanding, or washing by the end user which makes them much easier and faster to work with than traditionally hand-cast resin parts.

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