Celesian Praetorian Pilot

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Celesian Pilots are trained directly by the Celesian Military Academy to pilot the advanced arcane suits of armour called Praetorians. Due to their key role in enabling the Kingdom of Celesia to prevail in the Dragon War, Praetorians have become a core element of the Kingdom’s military doctrine.

The requirements to qualify for Praetorian pilot training are rigorous. Applicants must complete the Academy’s basic military training and then obtain specializations in several advanced fighting disciplines as well as tactical and basic command training before they can apply. Those accepted to train as Praetorian pilots are typically members of the nobility: Not only is the training itself expensive, but the maintenance and upkeep on a Praetorian are even more so.

While Praetorians are certainly intimidating sights on the battlefield, ultimately it is the the fighting skills and battle tactics of each Praetorian pilot that determine their combat effectiveness. Each pilot is trained one or more Praetorian model, and their particular skills are best put to use on the Praetorian(s) they are trained on. While a pilot can typically make basic use of any Praetorian, even enemy Praetorians, they will not be familiar with the intricacies of how they work and thus their combat abilities will be hampered.

The Celesian Pilot stands at just under 40mm (1.57 inches) tall when assembled, translating to approximately 6 feet tall in Kingdom & Empire game scale.

The Celesian Pilot includes:

  • 4(+) part multi-pose Celesian Pilot miniature in hand-cast resin with selected weapon and shield option(s)
  • 32mm plastic base
  • Custom stamped box (omitted if the cheapest shipping option is selected)

Note: Our 3D printed resin parts require little to no trimming and sanding by the end user, making them much easier and faster to work with than traditionally hand-cast resin parts.

Shipping Disclaimer: Please note that if you choose an untracked shipping option we will be unable to replace any shipments lost in transit as we have no ability to verify delivery. If you choose a tracked shipping option we will be able to replace any shipments lost in transit.

Additional information

Weight 0.090 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 2.54 cm
Weapon & Shield Options

Halberd & Heater Shield, Sword & Kite Shield, Both Weapon & Shield Options


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