Hardsix Gaming

After more than a decade spent playing a wide variety of miniature wargames, we developed strong opinions on rules design, storytelling, setting aesthetics and miniature design. We realized we would have to develop a game ourselves to realize that vision. We started Hardsix Gaming to do that and took on the challenge of developing a 36mm truescale skirmish wargame from the ground up. See our Biography to find out more.

Kingdom & Empire

The world of Kingdom & Empire is of an old order that finds itself in the early stages of disruptive change. The Kingdom of Celesia, Pitia’s largest nation, faces its most serious test in the two decades since the Dragon War as it struggles to resist the onslaught of the foreign Ithican Empire. The military adoption of magically charged crystal cores has drastically changed warfare: For the Kingdom of Celesia, these advances have allowed the reinvigoration of ancient martial traditions. By contrast, the unsentimental Ithican Empire have struck out in a more industrious direction. Explore the world of Kingdom & Empire.

Online Store

Our miniatures are produced in-house using hand-cast resin to create exquisitely detailed miniatures. Hand-casting finely detailed resin miniatures is a labour intensive and skill intensive process, but one that allows us to achieve exceptional quality. While our miniatures are designed for use in Kingdom & Empire, many are versatile designs that should be of interest to any miniature collector & painter. Shop all miniatures.


Our blog features news about Kingdom & Empire, announcements of new miniature releases, articles on the game development process, as well as hobby articles covering a variety of topics including miniature painting, terrain building, and other hobby topics. Check out our blog.

Contract Casting

We can turn your digital sculpts into high quality resin miniatures. We have in-house high quality 3D printing capabilities, as well as an innovative approach to resin casting enables us to produce outstanding quality resin miniatures at unusually competitive rates. Learn more about our contract casting capabilities.