Ravager Strike Praetorian & Imperial Praetorian Pilot Bundle

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The Ravager Strike Praetorian

The Ravager Strike Praetorian is the main medium class Praetorian used by the Ithican Empire. It is formidably armed with a two-handed Praetorian sword and an arm mounted short-range Praetorian cannon. Pilots of this Praetorian are trained to fire their cannon while closing distance to charge the enemy. The cannon itself is a devastating anti-Praetorian weapon, but additionally the sound, smoke, and confusion its use creates fits in to the shock and awe battle doctrine of the Imperial Army

Because the Empire typically fights as invaders the paranoia, fear, and confusion created by the Empire’s shock and we battle doctrine and the strange appearance of their units affords the Imperial forces advantages not enjoyed by most other militaries. Assaults by the Imperial Army are often won by panicking enemy forces into fleeing, rather than having to defeat them to the last unit on the field, and the Ravager Strike Praetorian is a key factor in this style of warfare.

The Ravager is the first Praetorian pilots learn to use when training as an Imperial Pilot. Imperial Pilots and their Ravager Praetorians make up one of the key segments of the Imperial military apparatus that are under the direct control of The Meritocracy. The large number of Ravager’s in active service and the familiarity all Imperial Pilots have with them keeps them in common use, even among more specialized segments of the Imperial military.

While the expense of maintaining a Praetorian means that only wealthy Houses can afford their own personal Ravagers, much less the expense of custom Homeguard Praetorians, the meritocratic nature of the Empire demands that the Imperial Army maintains a large stable of them such that any qualified pilot can be equipped with one, regardless of their economic status.

The Ravager Strike Praetorian stands at just under 77mm (3.03 inches) tall when assembled, translating to just under 12 feet tall in Kingdom & Empire game scale.

Imperial Praetorian Pilots

The Ithican Empire’s military forces are organized such that only some units are directly trained, funded, equipped, and controlled by the Empire’s administrative apparatus, The Meritocracy. While the Legionnaires are the most numerous military segment controlled directly by The Meritocracy, it is the Imperial Praetorian Pilots who are true iron clad fist of Imperial administration.

The road to being selected for Imperial Pilot Training is a long one: A candidate must first serve two full terms of two years each in the Legionnaires. This experience is not only required for its benefits in military training and experience, but also for its value in indoctrinating those soldiers to place their loyalty to The Meritocracy above their individual and House interests. In their second tour as a Legionnaire they will also receive black powder weapons training. Once this service is completed, a candidate must then have been selected for Imperial Officer Training, which lasts a full year. Only those who complete Imperial Officer Training with disctinction will then be selected by The Meritocracy to receive pilot training.

Most soldiers enlisted in the Imperial Army aspire to one day achieve the honour of being selected for Imperial Pilot training. Achieving the rank of Imperial Pilot and being entrusted to pilot a Ravager Strike Praetorian catapults one’s standing within their House and their House’s standing within The Meritocracy. After completing their service as an Imperial Pilot, many of these officers return to their House and take up command of one of their House’s unique Homeguard Praetorians. These unique Praetorians are tailored to highlight the Pilot’s particular combat skills and represent freedom from the more regimented combat skills required to pilot the main line Ithican Imperial Praetorians.

Imperial Pilots are trained to make effective use of both short ranged and melee weapons, and in particular to combine those skills by attacking targets with their flintlock pistols before charging in with their sword to finish them off. Using these skills in concert allows them to engage some of the heavily armoured troops at the disposal of less technologically advanced countries.

The Imperial Praetorian Pilot stands at just under 40mm (1.57 inches) tall when assembled, translating to approximately 6 feet tall in Kingdom & Empire game scale.

The Ravager Strike Praetorian & Ithican Imperial Pilot bundle includes:

  • 5 part (2 x Arms, Torso, Cape, Head) Ravager Strike Praetorian miniature in grey resin
  • 60mm plastic base
  • 5 part (2 x Arms, Torso, Half-Helmet Head, Full-Helmet Head) Imperial Pilot miniature in resin
  • 32mm plastic base
  • Custom stamped box (omitted if the cheapest shipping option is selected)

Note: Our resin parts require little to no trimming, sanding, or washing by the end user which makes them much easier and faster to work with than traditionally hand-cast resin parts.

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