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The Ithican Empire’s Legionnaires are a cohesive fighting force trained directly under the control of The Meritocracy, the state administration for the Ithican Empire. This is in contrast to the various training guilds for the other military arms of the Empire, which operate with less supervision and a greater degree of independence, both from each other, and from The Meritocracy itself. As a result, virtually every family in the Empire has members currently or formerly in the Legions. This has made the organization highly respected throughout the empire, particularly as Legionnaires serve as keepers of the peace when not on campaign.

The Legionnaires are trained, equipped, and maintained in service by The Meritocracy using funds raised by taxing all Households in the Empire. Entrance into the Legionnaires is the first stop on the path to a military career in the Empire, and no one can be selected for Imperial Officer training or to any of the Military Guilds without at least four years of active service soldiering in the Legions. By design, the Legions are loyal only to The Meritocracy and the Sorceresses at its head, and it is expressly forbidden for Legionnaires to become involved in inter-Household conflict or to obtain any economic benefit not from the state while in service. Violations of these rules are rare, as the threat of being stripped of status and forced into the ranks of Ithica’s Penal Conscripts is generally enough to keep Legionnaires in line.

Legionnaires fighting style uses two relatively short swords that can both be used defensively and offensively to good effect. This makes them incredibly agile, versatile, and deadly. The ruthless efficiency with which Legionnaires carry out their battlefield assignments has been known to panic lesser opponents on its own. Additionally, Legionnaires excel at using their relatively short blades to tie-up enemy units, making them vulnerable to charges by other Ithican Army units.

The Ithican Legionnaire includes:

  • 3 x 4 part multi-pose Ithican Legionnaire miniature in hand-cast resin
  • 3 x 32mm plastic base
  • Custom stamped box (omitted if the cheapest shipping option is selected)

Note: Our 3D printed resin parts require little to no trimming and sanding by the end user, making them much easier and faster to work with than traditionally hand-cast resin parts.

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