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Members of Ithica’s noble houses that complete their required four years of service in the Legionnaires must then choose a military guild to pledge themselves to. Joining the Blackship Raiders and becoming a Privateer is perhaps the riskiest option available to the scions of the noble houses, but it also holds the greatest possibility for a rapid accumulation of wealth and social standing. It is an appealing option to those with enough courage–or desperation–to accept the hazards it entails.

Training for a Privateer is short and brutal. You are quickly trained on the cutlass, the close range black powder gun-dagger, and the grappling hook used for boarding actions. There is no shortage of applicants to the Raiders, and those unable to learn quickly are simply replaced by those who can. Once trained, Privateers become specialists in attacks from the air, rappelling down from their skyships into the heat of battle and rapidly eliminating their opponents with both blade and black powder. The gun-dagger serves as a short range shock and awe weapon. It can be quite deadly in its own right against more lightly armoured opponents, but even those it does not kill it shocks and paralyzes for the few moments it takes a Privateer to close into blade range.

Success as a Privateer can become a stepping stone to a successful military career anywhere in Ithica’s military guilds, but some choose to remain with the Blackship Raiders permanently if they come to find the allure of new conquest and glory too much to pass up. Some others choose to remain with the Raiders long term because they prefer the relative freedom the organization enjoys from the oversight of The Meritocracy.

The Blackship Raiders Privateer stands at just under 40mm (1.57 inches) tall when assembled, translating to approximately 6 feet tall in Kingdom & Empire game scale.

The Blackship Raiders Privateer includes:

  • 4 part (2 x Arms, Torso, Full-Helmet Head) Imperial Pilot miniature in resin
  • 32mm plastic base
  • Custom stamped box (omitted if the cheapest shipping option is selected)

Note: Our grey resin parts require little to no trimming, sanding, or washing by the end user which makes them much easier and faster to work with than traditionally hand-cast resin parts.

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